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Do you know that the only region you can invest now for over 500% return on investment in two years time is Ibeju Lekki, Lagos?

Do you know that Ibeju Lekki will develop much faster than Lekki Phase1, Victoria Island and others?
👉🏿 Are you aware that omonile wahala is an issue of the past (if you invest right)?
👉🏿 Do you know that Ibeju-Lekki is mostly dry land (much drier than Lekki)?
👉🏿 Do you know that international companies are now seriously taking possession at Ibeju Lekki (Free Trade Zone...)?
👉🏿 Haven't you considered that if a business mogul like Aliko Dangote could invest billions on 2,135 hectares of land (in Ibeju-Lekki) where his refinery complex will be standing on, then with even *700k, 1.5M, 3M and 6M* you should be thinking of acquiring at least a plot in that axis?
👉🏿 Do you know that it’s not compulsory you live there; you can just buy as many plots as you can afford now, and then wait. Land in this axis appreciate faster than anywhere in the country …