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Real Estate Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki’s Real Life Rich Dad Is Revealed

In real estate investment, we X-ray and bring forward the experience of some of the leaders in the game. No doubt, names like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki will always come to mind when it has to do with investing in and becoming very rich through real estate. Robert is a good example of an entrepreneur who attributes his success to his analysis of both his biological and foster dad, which eventuallybuy led to a defining moment in his life when he decided to start implementing the entrepreneurship experience, advice and skills he learnt from his foster "Rich Dad".

Are you an avid fan of motivational books, probably on a quest to discover financial literacy? Then I am positive that somewhere along the way you must have come across the name Robert Kiyosaki. He is an American investor, motivational speaker, financial literacy advisor and self help author among other accolades. He is the author of one of the most sought after books on financial success Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the founder of the Rich Dad Company.

In his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad he describes two figures who strongly impacted his life, his two ‘dads’. His biological father, a highly educated man who never amassed any real wealth in life and another father figure, an eighth grade dropout who ended up being the among the richest men in Hawaii at the time. Robert’s biological father was an educationist who worked for the government while his other dad ventured into entrepreneurship. According to Robert, the two started at the same income levels in their career but a huge financial rift grew gradually as rich dad made savvy investments like construction, restaurants and convenient stores that saw him shoot straight to the top and become fabulously wealthy as poor dad stagnated. Rid dad was an avid investor in real estate while starting off with construction to acquiring and owning big hotels.
Who is the real Rich dad?
In this piece I will try to shed light on this financial guru, the man, the myth, the rich dad . There has been a lot of controversy based on the real identity of the Rich Dad.According to the book, he is the father to Roberts’s best friend Mike who developed a father son relationship with him. Some critics though tend to believe it to be a figment of the authors own imagination. Rich dad fans, I do not want to bust your bubble. The character is not fictional. Some evidence has it that he actually exists and is as portrayed by Robert in his book. So who is he?
Robert faced a lot of controversies over the real identity of the Rich dad. In several interviews, he was asked to name him but declined. Apparently Robert has a confidentiality agreement to keep the identity of the real rich dad a secret. He almost declined the precious opportunity of appearing on the Oprah show because the producers demanded to know who the real life rich dad was. This led to serious objection of his book as some claimed there was no real Rich dad and that the book should be moved to the fiction section. They claimed only a fiction character would fit to be Rich dad. Also it became a problem in branding and licensing of the book. People had put trust into the advices on rich dad but failed.
These controversies led to Robert finally accepting there is a Real Rich dad though he would not give him a name, he was an actual person influenced by other characters in his book. Robert cited a written agreement that he was to keep Rich dad’s identity anonymous.
Revealing of rich dad’s identity

Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad
Richard Kimi- the real life Rich Dad

In 2009, a man died who matched the profile of Rich Dad. His name was Richard Wassman Kimi, a Hawaiian hotelier who enjoyed teaching and sharing his huge wealth of knowledge on sales, marketing and business. Robert was one of his students. An interview hosted by Robert himself also clarified that Rich Kimi was indeed rich dad.
Richard Wassman Kimi was a young man from Hilo, born February 3rd 1925 to Territorial Sen. William Kimi. He enlisted in the Army shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and at the tender age of 19 had risen to the rank of sergeant. After the war he returned to Hawaii to work in their family business which sold surplus goods from the Army. When the business failed to show promise, he later decided to count his losses and ventured into construction. He begun by building a low rent housing project with his brothers. In 1956 the young visionary ventured in building a 30 room hotel Hukilau for local tourists who wanted to visit Hilo for a day or two at affordable prices. His vision would change the entire face of tourism in their country. The hotel was among the pioneers in Banyan drive and is now listed with the cream hotels in Hawaii. His concept of catering for the needs of the budget conscious residents picked up and shortly it was working wonders. When he realized this Rich Dad went on to build Hukilau and Seaside hotels in Kona, Maui, and Kaua’i. He also went ahead to purchase properties like the Waikiki Baltimore Hotel. Alan Kimi, his son and manager Seaside hotel speaks fondly of his father. He portrays Rich Dad as a simple man, a future oriented man who could project five to ten years into the future. He says, “When it came to our product, which was a local hotel, it was friendly, and it was clean, and well-maintained and affordable.”
It was these values and his understanding of finances that made him very instrumental as a leader and mentor for the younger generation and everyone else seeking to achieve control over their financial future.
In confirmation of Kimi as the original Rich dad, in one of Robert’s interview’s he gave out one of Kimi son contact to a journalist , who called and talked to him though the journalist was not convinced then. And in yet another interview, Robert himself interviewed Allan Kimi (the son) and he confirmed that indeed Richard Kimi was the real rich dad in Kayosaki’s books.
Regardless of the controversy behind the real existence of Rich Dad, you will all agree with me that there a lot of invaluable lessons to learn from this character. Rich dad sends a very strong message, a clear distinguishing factor between the poor and the affluent. We learn that the huge difference is in the way they behave with money and their mindset about it. So if you are on a quest for financial freedom, Rich Dad says, “The rich do not work for money, their money works for them, money without financial intelligence is money soon gone, the rich invent money, work to learn, not for money.”
In conclusion, it’s clear without a shadow of a doubt that the rich dad remains a mystery to this very day, his teachings are taught all over the world, irrespective of the arguments placed before the mainstream media about its importance the book and the concepts are irrefutably very essential to the day to day running of our lives. People will question the existence of the Dad, how real he was and how relevant he is? Some will have doubts about the teachings and many will have so many questions that will lack answers. But in this article we have tried explain the very important aspects of the Anonymous dad that has been kept a secret to this day with people being left to guess the identity of this master in the field of business. His concepts have been used by business men and women all over the world, his teachings obeyed and followed to the latter by avid fans. Good or bad that’s the man is one of the most important people in the business world, whether you love him or hate him, he has done his part.
If you haven’t read this great book by Robert Kiyosaki, you can go get it immediately.

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