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Victoria Island The Preferred Business District of Lagos? Here Is Why

It’s no secret that, over time, Victoria Island has assumed the top ranking as Lagos’ preferred and foremost business destination; hosting a diverse mix of large corporations, SMEs, indigenous and multinational organisations. Industry analysts attribute part of Victoria Island’s popularity to the decline of Lagos Island.
Analysts observe that the degrading buildings and infrastructure, coupled with congestion and crime rates towards the turn of the last century, led to the flight of businesses from the central business district to more palatable, upmarket locations such as Victoria Island. This, in turn, spurred the gradual commercialization of the neighbourhood.
So why does Victoria Island continue to maintain its top ranking as Lagos’ premier commercial centre? The following observations are instructive.
Economic Dynamism; With its high concentration of both large and small enterprises, multinational organisations, financial institutions, professional services, technology companies and…
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Floyd MayWeather And His Iconic Boxing Cum Business Success - Real Estate Magnate

I am not a boxing fan but after a fascinating conversation with @iretidee (Instagram) about “Money” Mayweather, I see a sportsman that has slowly and methodically built a financial empire. Here are some success lessons that we can all glean from his remarkable journey:

1. Your past doesn’t define your future

He made up in his mind to break the cycle of poverty in his family. Instead of allowing the circumstances of his past hinder him, he used them as fuel to build his future. We may not always have power over what happens to us, but we always have power over how we choose to respond.

2. Talent is nothing without hard work and dedication

Whilst he is extremely gifted, a lot of Mayweather’s success can be attributed to his incessant, intense, training regimen and work ethic; 2-3 times a day, all year long. There is no off-season in his world. If you need to be dragged out of your own bed every morning to chase after your dream, success will always be illusory. It is hard work that mak…

Where Exactly Is Ibeju Lekki?


Ibeju-Lekki is where you have the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki Deep Seaport, Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Industry, Dangote Fertilizer Plant, International (Cargo) Airport, Lekki International Golf Course, Pan Atlantic University, LaCampaigne Tropicanna, Eleganza Industries and so on. That is why it is touted as the ideal investment destination for property investors.

To the potential investor however, the important question is where exactly is Ibeju-Lekki in this regard?

To answer this question, we will explain Ibeju-Lekki under three broad locations with regard to the ongoing key projects there. These include the Free Trade Zone axis; the Elerangbe axis, and the Lekki-Epe Expressway axis (see map).

Free Trade Zone Axis. This is the most commercial of the three locations and stretches from Eleko Beach Road through the Free Trade Zone Road to La Campagne Tropicana Resort and beyond. It hosts the Free Trade Zone, Lekki De…


Do you know that the only region you can invest now for over 500% return on investment in two years time is Ibeju Lekki, Lagos?

Do you know that Ibeju Lekki will develop much faster than Lekki Phase1, Victoria Island and others?
👉🏿 Are you aware that omonile wahala is an issue of the past (if you invest right)?
👉🏿 Do you know that Ibeju-Lekki is mostly dry land (much drier than Lekki)?
👉🏿 Do you know that international companies are now seriously taking possession at Ibeju Lekki (Free Trade Zone...)?
👉🏿 Haven't you considered that if a business mogul like Aliko Dangote could invest billions on 2,135 hectares of land (in Ibeju-Lekki) where his refinery complex will be standing on, then with even *700k, 1.5M, 3M and 6M* you should be thinking of acquiring at least a plot in that axis?
👉🏿 Do you know that it’s not compulsory you live there; you can just buy as many plots as you can afford now, and then wait. Land in this axis appreciate faster than anywhere in the country …

Lagos To Become Largest Mega City In Africa By 2035

Researchers have predicted that no fewer than 30 million people can live in Lagos by 2035 turning it into the largest mega city on the African continent.

According to a statement by the African Property Investment (API) in Abuja on Thursday, researchers also predicted that by 2030, Lagos, Cairo and Kinshasa would each have a population of 20 million. Luanda, Dar es Salaam and Johannesburg were also predicted would have a population of more than 10 million by 2030.

The API noted that with rapid population growth in African cities, urban planning had proven to be ineffective with private development often deterred by `opaque or inappropriate regulations’.

The property development and investment organisation added that African cities had, until recently, failed to keep pace with the concentration of people.

 "When it comes to investments in infrastructure, industrial and commercial structures, and affordable formal housing, African cities have, until now, failed to keep pace with t…

I just felt this should add to our knowledge and equip our Real Estate understanding and asset investments.

The name "Land Banking" implies almost exactly what it is. Rather than putting cash into a savings account (where it will earn a maximum of 1% interest every year) or the stock market (which has become increasingly unpredictable in recent years), some entrepreneurs have taken an alternative approach by acquiring LAND and in doing so, they have chosen to park their cash in a tangible, fixed asset – one that cannot be broken, stolen or destroyed.

Vacant land gets ignored by most new investors because let's be honest – it just doesn't sound that exciting. Unfortunately, this causes most people to overlook a lot of the advantages that land has over traditional real estate investments (e.g. – houses, apartment buildings, commercial properties, etc.). Unlike most residential and commercial buildings, land costs virtually nothing to own… no utili…

Real Estate Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki’s Real Life Rich Dad Is Revealed

In real estate investment, we X-ray and bring forward the experience of some of the leaders in the game. No doubt, names like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki will always come to mind when it has to do with investing in and becoming very rich through real estate. Robert is a good example of an entrepreneur who attributes his success to his analysis of both his biological and foster dad, which eventuallybuy led to a defining moment in his life when he decided to start implementing the entrepreneurship experience, advice and skills he learnt from his foster "Rich Dad".Are you an avid fan of motivational books, probably on a quest to discover financial literacy? Then I am positive that somewhere along the way you must have come across the name Robert Kiyosaki. He is an American investor, motivational speaker, financial literacy advisor andself help authoramong other accolades. He is the author of one of the most sought after books on financial successRich Dad, Poor Dad and the …